Nothing forces us to suffer from hurtfull words and actions

in #motivational3 years ago

Sometimes, we need more time than others to understand how to accommodate to the world.
After standing up against what discouraged me in interpersonal relationships, against those values ​​that dominate the world, I finally came to a conclusion. There is no need to change the world.

We just have to observe, accept, welcome and understand it.

And in this world, build yours ...

When we do not understand injustice, malice and stupidity, not because we reject them, but because they are foreign to us and we are not equipped to consider them and defend them, we can protect ourselves by surrounding ourselves with people like us.

When we know how to take the time to stop to smile to others, to thank them, to hear them, to love them, to give them the courage to go forward and to congratulate them for their efforts, we are entitled to demand the same thing in return.

There is nothing that forces us to suffer from what hurts us, makes us feel dirty and makes us suffer, and I would say that any other choice is a personal attack on who we are.
I have taken this step and I invite you to surround yourself with what honors you, to surround yourself with love, beauty, tenderness, respect, gentleness and kindness.

You too can do it...


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