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The world is no longer conducive for negligence, the world is fast changing and only the fast thinkers can survive. One has to be flexible to make ends meet required standards in life. This entails being practically flexible to the everyday changes that take new dimensions and new forms periodically.


It is no longer enough to be totally good at a particular thing, it is no longer about how well you can speak, it is no longer about how successful you are, the world has gone way beyond financial success, the world has gone BIZARRE!

Let me ride you down some real life scenarios... Philip is a young man who strives for excellence, he struggled his way through school and today, he happens to be one of the very most successful men in the world, but Philip was recently diagnosed of skin cancer and in few months, Philip kicked the bucket.

Philip however, had all the financial capabilities one can ever imagine but what he failed to know was that he was using a poisonous body cream which resulted to the skin cancer and subsequently, his death. He lacked the medical knowledge to decipher good body creams from bad ones,his life was the price.

Another real life scenario, Juliet is a successful pop star musician, she's got fleet of cars and a mansion in lekki Nigeria... She's also happily married with two kids of her own. One would conclude in awe "what a perfect life". Well, Juliet was confirmed dead three days ago as a result of a straight gun shot to the head over some fraternity war in which she happened to be a member.


Juliet lacked the social knowledge to abstain from cultism and its vices. The real life scenarios are just too numerous to mention, but it boils down to the same thing "FLEXIBILITY"... Its true that no man is a compendium of knowledge but the zeal to know a little bit of every aspect of life can go a long way to helping us ADAPT to the ever changing world.

To be fore Warned is to be forearmed

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