9 Reason Why You Should Take The Risk

in motivation •  8 months ago

Life is a risk, you have to go through it in order to complete something. This is the reason why you should take the risk.

1. You will never know until you try.

Just go with the flow. Take all the chance and the opportunity, maybe it seems risky but you'll never know the future yet.

2. Without risk there is no chance of winning.

You have to risk something to get a thing. Thats the rule of life. We never get everything that we want. But by taking risk for something that is very important and meaningful to you is everything. To be successful is not easy. We have to struggle everyday, we have to focus and we have to sacrifice.

3. You may end up better than your expectation.

As long as we are doing our best to excel, the result may not be the perfect one but it always better than before.


4. Risk can be calculated.

Yeah, risk can be calculated and analyse. That why successful people have plan their way to get on the top. By planning or make an analysis about the risk, you know how to react if something goes wrong and also you know how to reduced the risk. That is the power of the planning.

5. Risky territory never get crowded.

Usually, a risky journey is not crowded and sometime you have to go through it alone. Just see it as a positive things. Not everyone have the courage. Only the brave will survive.

6. Anything new is risky.

All the beautiful discovery is risky. Just take a look at the early age, scientist that made a new discovery. They have to take the risk, experimenting something that is new is a huge risk.

7. Anything true is risky.

You have to confront with the people. Sometimes you lose your friend in order to stand on what you believe for. You gonna lose something but as long as you know that the thing you're doing is right. You don't have to worry.

8. It a proof that you go all in.

All in bruh all in. Just like the poker game but life is not a gambling. It show that you put all your effort, your trust in something.

9. Its already a victory even if you fail.

Winning is not everything but by taking the risk you are already a champion/victory. Not everyone want to take the risk.

In conclusion, you have to take a risk in order to be successful. It is not an easy way or journey but it is always have a beautiful ending.

If you like my post follow me @zeusqraqen. I'm always feel curious about this world, human being and I think as a human there a lot of thing that we don't know in this world. I would love to discover a new thing because it is fun. Finally thanks because reading my post.

Disclaimer : I am not an expert. I wrote based on my understanding, maybe some of it is not accurately from the fact. If I make something wrong, feel free to drop a comment.

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