Wisdom Personified (Part 1)

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  In the school of wisdom, only the smartest takes the lead. You might be surprised I mentioned "School", You might also be wondering how it relates to wisdom. Don't worry, you'll find out soon. 

We shall be going through this section to personify the word “wisdom” and to explain it in details. Seat back and relax, you will be glad you did. 

Relating wisdom to school, as we all know school is a place where we acquire knowledge. One cannot get wisdom except he goes for it. It is only those that place their priority in distinction that makes the mark. Wisdom is not acquired by mere wishes but through diligence, hardwork, dedication and aspiration to learn. Wisdom can be gotten through diverse ways. 

Sources Of Wisdom 

  •   Wisdom is acquired in the school, where we learn new things, get knowledge and understand the right application of it.   

  •   It is achieved through right association, people of like minds, that will assist in giving useful and helpful information towards a given task or area of concern.   

  •   Wisdom is gotten through the internet which is so popular and common. The rate at which technology is growing is really amazing. Researches are made through the Internet, giving room to the acquisition of knowledge.  

  •  Did I forget to include pastors, preachers and so on? Wisdom is acquired through them on how to approach issues of life from the spiritual aspect of it. This is very important. 

  Parents are not left out. Most parents, (not all though) play a long role in teaching, correcting, instilling, directing, and assisting their children. They are also very important in guiding them, they are sources of wisdom.(picture of a mother teaching her daughter)  

  Wisdom is also sourced by researching with books, a visit to the library is helpful in the quest to acquire knowledge. Although technology and the internet facility has taken over, most people still prefer hardcopy books.  

  There are some characteristics that can be attributed to wisdom, some of which will be discussed here.  

Qualities Of Wisdom  

  •   A) Bold speaking; it's an attribute of wisdom. When one talks confidently know that he has acquired relevant knowledge. For example, when an individual has an understanding of a Particular field of study, taking geography for instance he isn't afraid to disclose it. When called upon for a chat, he delivers accurately.   
  • B) Wisdom does not procrastinate; it does not delay in delivery, gives a quick and correct answer.  

  Thank you for reading. Please stay tuned for our next class coming up soon.  

Note: All Images are from Pixabay

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