Conquering the Enemy called Fear

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Being instinct creatures means we have some sets of wired instructions in our brains that helps us make decisions on when to attack and when to run in defence. This is largely backed by two factors; fear and reward, we attack with the hope that there will be a kill - hence a reward, and we run because we are in danger of being the kill - fear of danger. This is typical of that animal world but isn’t quite strange that this same term makes so much sense in the world of humans. At the end of the day, it is a fish eat fish world, you either eat or get eaten.

Today, we are going to look at one of the basic negative emotional behaviours that have left so many people unhappy, sad, disappointed and frustrated, simply because they cannot overcome this strong emotional response called fear. This fear has crippled so many people that have made them settle for less in life, where they can do so much and live a happier and more fulfilling life if only they can snap out of it and act.

In today’s post, we will talk about fear and its cause, and explore ways with which we can possible over this feeling of called fear for good. Great men and women of the past usually talk about how they were able to channel their fear of death at the hands of their adversities, in something courageous that generations to come will keep sich stories

Accept Fear

This may seem counterintuitive, but later you’ll understand and this logic sterns from the fact that we are human, and fear is one of our basic survival instinct. The fear of failing to protect and provide for our loved ones drives us towards success and excellence. The fear of missing out on some fun when we were younger makes us try as much as possible to be cool and have friends. So in a way, fear isn’t a bad thing, but if properly utilized, it can be turned into a good thing.

Accepting fear doesn’t mean you let yourself be paralyzed because of our ineptitude or our lack of zeal to act, it is basically due to the acknowledgement of our limitations as a human. The fear of dying will drive us to act fast and promptly in response to a physical threat, the fear of several things will jolt us back into action, and make us a little more responsible. So accepting we recognize the limitations of power and influence, and we are humble and will do the necessary things in order to leave this place in one piece.

Be Courageous

Sometimes, we let ourselved to be guided by fear through some difficult situations, situations where you have limited control over things and the development of affairs when you instinctively are afraid or concerned of some situation, it shows that your senses of self-preservation is turned on. This is the time to be courageous, you have to snap out of your situation and act, this may be a little difficult, especially if you’re not comfortable stepping on people’s toes. But this is the game of survival, and as we all know, fortune favours the bold.

You need to take the bull by the horn and handle the situation like a boss, tomorrow we will talk about some exceptional qualities of a leader, and I will mention this point, a leader is someone who isn't afraid to be courageous, and is willing to step up and take the bull by the horn and be in charge. So overcoming the power of fear is something that leaders do easily as it comes with their personalities, so in order to be able to comfortably conquer the enemy called fear, you have to be a leader because you may be required to help others conquer that same enemy.


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