Don't stay quiet

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One of the most miserable things that can happen to a brother, is to be nursing feelings for a sister and be scared to express it. Being constrained by the fear of rejection.

Funny thing is, the sissy may even be feeling same way.
All he has to do is try.. The least she can do is say NO. No head will be 'bursted'.

Where it gets funnier is when years later they are married to different people and they get to have a casual gist. The guy confesses that he used to nurse feelings, and the girl says, "why didn't you tell me?". She used to feel the same way. And for a moment, they both look at each other with small dots of regrets on their faces.

Isn't it the same with marketing your brand?

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'Strong faced Stanley' that you dread marketing to may be the one who will seal the deal quicker.

Stop being scared of people.

Stop assuming they'll not be interested.
Take your ego out of the picture and give them a chance. If they say NO, smile and bounce. (They lost, not you) If they say YES, high five!

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Thanks for the pep talk. Let me go and strategize.


You're welcome boss, I'm happy you could find it worth reading