We Should Never Give Up

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Life is filled with ups and downs. Things can not be always smooth. Anyone who thinks life is without flaws, undoubtedly is not living. We all have ambitions and all set goals. Everytime we set goals or try to achieve something, and it seems like it is not possible to achieve, we should never give up. We should never be defeated by the momental failure.

Let us examine nature and learn from what it teaches. Every time the sun shines, it blesses the earth with energy, light and growth. However, we do not always have the sunshine and that prompts questions like, "why shouldn't we always have such an amazing blessings?" That is life in a nutshell. We need balance. Seasons come and go. Things will not always be the same.


It is important to know that a problem is not actually a problem until we treat it as one. Do not see momental defeats as a problem instead restrategize and make a bold move. In ugly circumstances, the best move is never to give up, being persistent and consistent. If you don't know, persistence wears out resistance. So, ensure that you are on the right path and keep going.

Back to nature's teaching, when it is sure the sun will shine, we still do not get it at a goal. The sun rises before it shines. Therefore hold on as you steadily and slowly progress. Do not always be on a haste if you really need to succeed. Moreover it is always dark before the day breaks. Therefore do not be scared of the darks in your life. Have faith and summon courage to see yourself succeed in the end.


Thanks for your time and thanks for reading.

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