Do You Wake Up Saying OH SHIT another day? Let's Work To CHANGE That! | The Honey Dare

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Do you wake up in the morning going, "Oh, shit, it's another day?" Are you resisting the day? Are you hitting the snooze button, going, "Oh, I'm just going to snooze on life. I don't want today." Do you have these little voices, the first voice you hear in the morning is inside your head saying, "Oh, you're a failure. Today's going to be terrible. Today's going to be bad. Oh, I've got to go to work. I've got to do this," and you're just dreading your day.

You know, we get those little voices from experiences in our childhood, from our parents, from our siblings, other experiences. Those voices may no longer be serving our success. They're actually undermining. That ninja thought is killing off opportunities, and you don't even realize it. What if we could slow that down, so you could observe those moments? What if you could see those ninja thoughts clearly? Those thoughts, those beliefs that are undermining your success. So you can have more success, fluidly, easily. So you'll be waking up in the morning going, "Yeah, it's another day. I'm excited. I'm excited about what's possible." That's what I want for you.

My name's Jaime Honey, and I want you to live a life with truth, integrity, and fun.


Do you DARE?

To live your life in TRUTH, INTEGRITY and FUN?

Lean On US and We Will Get You There!

Take The Honey Dare!

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Awesome article and video!
Too many people are living for the weekend and hating the mondays and its sad.
I work in 7-Eleven and I look forward to everyday, because I like to talk to people and help them with their problems! :D

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