Winning a Prize

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Success is not by chance, it is by hard work.
Life is like a race, those who succeed are more focused, industrious, work smarter and efficiently having a never relent and never give up spirit.

An athlete preparing for a race must have to walk out, train and watch his diet, and that is advance preparation. And in the day of the competition all his mind will be focused on the prize and to run to finish.

Similarly those who want to succeed in life need to get themselves equipped with knowledge (that is you need to read a lot of books), skill and always make themselves relevant.

"People don't go to war empty handed"
Be a master worker in what ever thing you do, apply wisdom. Those who are skilled at there work dine with the king.

Successful people have a never give up spirit, they see their defeat as a learning ground.
To be successful surround yourself with friends who have same mind set, friends with negative influence might be a very big set back.

Lastly be open minded to learning and change, with this you will see yourself on track to success.


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