Motivational story : Reply From Friend

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Two friends were going through rugged terrain to the city. Due to the high heat, they were stopping and relaxing in the middle. When they were hungry in the afternoon, both of them decided to sit and sit in one place.

While having lunch there was a debate over some issue. And slowly the matter became so loud that a friend slapped the other. Even after slapping, another friend remained silent and did not protest. He just picked a twig on the tree and wrote it on the soil "Today my best friend slapped me.

After a while, they started their journey again, but they were proceeding without talking to each other. After some time the person who was slapped started screaming as he was accidentally trapped in the swamp another friend helped him speedily and rescued him.

This time even the friend did not say anything, he just picked up a pointed stone and started writing on a huge tree trunk "Today my best friend saved my life"

Seeing him doing this, he the friend asked, "When I slapped you, you wrote on the soil and when I saved your life, you are writing in the tree's trunk, with great difficulty, why so?"

He replied "Whenever there is a problem, then we should not sit in it that discomfort from our mind, but when someone does something good for us, and then take it so deeply in your mind. He should never be able to wipe us out”.


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I have just done that

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