Motivational story : Just Flip Forward

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Long ago, there was a farmer in a village. He had a lot of animals; from them he also possessed a donkey. One day, while grazing in the farm, the donkey suddenly it slipped down and fell into the well. As soon as he fell down, he started shouting loudly.

The people working in the farm reached the well, the farmer was reached there.

The farmer took stock of the situation, took pity on the ass, but he felt that there is no point in saving this old ass and no point is wasting any energy for it and the well is also not of any use. He told the villagers, "I do not think we can save this ass anyhow, so all of you go to your work as there is no benefit from losing time here."

And by saying this, a laborer said, "Boss, this ass has served you for years, we should not see this kind of torture happening we should bury him in this well."

The farmer also agreed. And all started with the work

Let us all get together in this well and start digging the ass and bury the donkey right here, "Farmer said.

In the meantime the donkey also did not lose courage and remembered God and started thinking about moving out of there .He had lost his thoughts right now but suddenly the rain started, the donkey thought not give up easily. And then he began to bounce with full force.

Meanwhile the farmer along with his staff threw the sand bag onto the well in it, and the moment the sand bag fell in the well he simply jumped over it and he started continuing with this process.

The farmer had also understood that this way he will be able to save the life of the donkey. And this process continued till he reached to the top of the well and came out

Friends, our life is like this, no matter how much caution we take, sometimes the trouble falls into a loop of pits. Falling on is not important, it is important to overcome it. Many people accept defeat without effort, but those who try, God also send them help in some form. So if next time you fall in trouble, then try to flip it away.


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