Motivational Story : Don't Become A victim Of superstition

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A Monk with his few students used to live in an ashram which was located in a forest, one a thirsty baby cat came to the ashram. The Monk milked the hungry thirsty cat.

The cat started living there in the ashram. But after few day the monk started facing a problem, when he sat in meditation the cat would ever climb in his lap, sometimes sitting on his shoulder or head. So the Monk called one of his disciple and said, "When I sit on meditation, make sure that you tie this cat to a tree. And this process became regular.
And one day the Monk, one of his beloved disciples came to sit on his throne. Even when he sat on meditation, a cat would have been nailed to a tree before that. Then one day a huge problem arose that the cat also died. All the disciples called a meeting and discussed, They said that “Their teacher will not sit on meditation till the cat is tied to the tree”. So a cat should be brought from nearby villages. And this process continues.
Believe it or not, then how Monks and cats have died. But even today, the concept is followed. If you ever ask them, then they say that this is a tradition and we will continue doing this.
For hundreds of years, we all have been trapped in the trap of traditions created by such unknown and some charitable elements.
It is necessary that we do not let these traditions and superstitions grow anymore, and the next time, before believing on such a thing, think that we are not aware - we have unknowingly possessed a superstitious cat.


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