Motivational Story : Choose Right Type Of Enviornment

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Once a king was passing through a forest with his convoy for the purpose of hunting. They gradually entered the dense forest. It was just a matter of time that he saw some hideouts of bandits. As soon as they reached near him, the parrot which was sitting on the nearby tree – started saying

“Come quickly loot the King the King, there is a lot of stuff with him”.

After listening to the parrot's voice, all the robbers started chasing the King. After seeing them coming to the king and his men ran away. After some time a large tree appeared in front. They went to the tree for a while to relax, as soon as they reached towards the tree the parrot sitting on that tree started saying –“O my King, you are welcome in our saint Mahatma's hut. Come in and drink the water and relax.”

The King was surprised to hear this parrot, and started thinking that how the behavior of the two creatures of the same race can be so different. The king did not understand anything. He obeyed the parrot and went towards the priest's house, the King bowed down to the Mahatma and narrated all his story. And then slowly asked, "Why is the difference in the behavior of these two parrots, the sage?"

The Mahatma said, "This is nothing but only side effect. Staying with the bandits, the parrot has begun to behave like dacoits and started speaking their language. That is, the one who lives in the same environment becomes what it means to say that the fool also becomes a scholar by staying with the scholars and even if the scholar is in the company of fools, then there is also stupidity within him. That is why we should understand perception thinking. "


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