Motivational Story : Always Follow Your Consciousness

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Man is a social creature. He lives in the middle of a group of people, he plays many types of roles in the society. Some relationships are selfless, while most relationships are based on selfishness. The professional relation is mainly based upon give and take policy. I am not saying that there is selfishness behind all relationships, but yes, in today's world, most people make their relation only by seeing their advantage!

Once a man was going from a dense forest with his little boy. After some time the child was thirsty his father took him to a river, the boy while drinking suddenly fell into the water, and after some time lost his life after drowning! That man was very sad an started crying. After hearing him cry, a turtle, a vulture, a jackal came, and began to express sympathy to that man, knowing the problem of the man, everyone started giving their own advice!

The Jackal leaping said, "Leave this child's body above a rock in this forest, Earth Mother will deliver it!" Then the vulture said, hiding its happiness said, no not on earth, other animal will eat him, its best to put it on a tree, so that he can regain his energy with the heat of the sun! Tortoise also heard the words of both of them he said no need to believe anybody, the life of this child has gone to water, so you shed it in the river!

And after that the three started putting emphasis on that. Then the man took the help of his conscience and said to all three, I am feeling the smell of your selfish interest in all three of you, The Jackal wants me to leave this child's body on such a land so that he can eat comfortably, and the vulture should advise you to keep the body of this child on a tree so that you can make a feast by staying away from this jackal and turtle, and turtle you live in the river. To be able to arrange your party on the river! Thank you for advising you, but I will dedicate this child's body to fire, and I will not let you become your food! Upon hearing this, the three of them went away from there!

Friends, I am not saying that every person will give you selfish advice but in today's competitive era, if we filter any advice it is better. You may not fully agree with my point of view, but in today's era it is also true that - I live near some friends who find mistakes in me.


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