Motivational story : A Broken Jar And a Filled Jar

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A farmer lived in a village. He used to go out in the morning to take away clean water from the waterfalls. He used to carry two big jars with him, on his shoulder.

One of the jars had a small hole in it but the second one was perfect. And when he used to reach home he used to carry only 1 and half filled jars. This continued for few years.

The jar which was full was proud of this and the other side was embarrassed by the fact that only half of the water used to go the house. One day, he said to the farmer, "I'm embarrassed myself and want to apologize to you?"

"Why? "The farmer asked, "Maybe you do not know but I am broken from one place, and for the last two years, I could carry half the amount of water and because of this your effort goes waste
The farmer was a little sad to hear about the pitcher and said, "Never mind, I want you to look at beautiful flowers coming in the way while we return today."

The pitcher did the same thing; he came across the beautiful flowers through the way; his sadness went away, but when he reached the house -, he was disappointed again that he was half filled .

The farmer said, "Maybe you did not notice all the flowers in the entire path were just on your side, there was not even a single flower on the right pitcher. That's because I always knew the shortcomings in you, and I took advantage of it. I had sown the flowers on the paths and you used to irrigate them a little bit everyday and make the whole path look so beautiful. Because of you today, I can offer these flowers to God and make my house beautiful. Do you think that if you were not like you then could I do all this? "

Friends, there is no shortage in all of us, but these shortcomings make us unique. Like that farmer, we must accept everybody as he is and should focus on his goodness, and when we do this then the "scattered pottery" will also become valuable from "good things".


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