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Would you like to become Sheep or Shear? Absolutely lion But you have ever thought that you are a lion or a sheep (sheep). For this, we have to understand the theory of sheep and lion.
The life of the sheep goes on to gestures, where one follows the other. Sheep has no dreams, where she is going and she goes wherever she is going. Sheep has no question that why should he go there, and if not, then simply follow others

Now let's talk about a lion, The lion has no boss, he himself is his boss.The lion wins as a warrior until he wins his principles and conquers himself on his own.No one can run it because he is the king of the jungle, he is the master of his own will, who does the same in the heart.If the lion is disturbed by any of the situations, then he does not have the fatality, but the lion fights and fights, most of the hassles fall away after hearing his roar. The lion chooses (chase) like his prey, fights for him and decides his destination himself, that is why he is the king of the forest and his heart too. There is passion in the eyes of the lion, confidence in the roar and the life is encouraged to live on its principles.

Now let's see how we are connected to this theory. Are we too lion? Actually human is living like this theory, as if it is either a lion or a sheep. Well some people are like sheep, and some are like lions.

Some people are sheep’s who do not listen to their heart and just look at the people seeing them or they are speaking the same thing, who do not have any floor and no dreams, whose life is not in their control they are being done just like blind people,

And some people are like a lion who just listens to their own hearts, they think they do not make any difference to them and what they are doing or what they are thinking is going on in their own fun like a storm come and break records. They dream, find their destination, and with full passion,like a lion chases their prey, just like these people follow their dreams and do not stop till they take it.

Regardless of the circumstances, however contrary, they do not bow their heads, do not give up and do not defeat, but in the eyes the passion and arms flame fiercely fight and become the King.
So Here are Few Things That Are Important>
So are you also dreaming?
Are you listening to your heart?
Are you also standing 50 times falling apart?
Are you moving ahead by ripening the circumstances?
Are you going to roam a fire in your heart?
Are you roaming instead of roaming?
If yes then you too are a lion!

If you are all the above than you are a Lion

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This post is one of the most insightful and educative post I have read on steemit. It has a lot of lessons to learn in it. You are a good witer @teenovision I love your post dearly keep posting