Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin

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So true.

Charles Chaplin Outside working hours

img source
Publicity portrait, c. 1920

he is my fav on screen person

Nice quote. Upvoted & Resteemed.

Thanks for sharing @sydesjokes

Great quote! I've never seen Charlie Chaplin but I know the name well. Oh, just seen @steembe's portrait dated 1920. No wonder I haven't seen him.

Rainbow is not on the ground but up in the sky. It is the truth.

Charlie Chaplin was a genius and a legend. Good quote.

I have the same birthdate as Charlie Chaplin:))))

True to his words, this is the reason why he as successful.


great quote..

Nice Quote

good motivational Quote

Will try to look down when I'm on a jet plane 😂

Well said.