you build a wonderful niche for yourself..

I like all of the quotes but to me I like number one better!

yes, you are right. first one is awesome.

Starting out the new year with inspirational sayings are always a good bet.

Some amazing inspirational quotes, however it has to be said, the minion one is my favourite, typically me before 2 large cups of coffee :)

Love them all especially #6, we all know that past is past but still we must learn something about it that reflects our present and can change the future. Nice post @sydesjokes. Upvoted & Resteemed.

Nice picture @sydesjokes
And even the second picture is also applied here which is "every one wants money but you can't get that with out a little vote or comment on your post".
A great thanks to you for doing this have a nice day.

Motivation before weekend!

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Like 4 and 5, the best

Very inspirational and yeah it's really true. I agree. Upvoted & Resteemed.

Nice motivations, and so relevant

we love the jokes good one.

Great quotes 🌷💕

@sydesjokes it pays to be fearless

thanks for the motivational quotes! i just joined steemit and everyday gets me more excited

Love the motivation parts you do now! We need a reminder from time to time.

nice one bro keep pushing can't wait to meet you one day

HAHA they were all good!

No one wants pain for sure.

Wow, this is educative and informative

This are great quotes. Thanks for sharing

Very motivational!

Look, what I found and bought this week! 🤣


what a beautiful words! I will keep in mind all of them because it could give a power to build and to survive me when I am in trouble situation...

The 6 is inspiration for me.

Share steem with me please...! @sydesjokes is so good

Muy buen post!

nice post,keep it up

every one wants happiness no one wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without little rain. very nice saying. i like it @sydesjokes keep sharing:)

I have seen this posts before by you.

hey nice . you motivated me very much by this images....thanks

Great inspirational quotes @sydesjokes

so motivational...........thnx for

Re the second one what about Masochists? :)

I love quotes, makes me think...

excellent information & good work @sydesjokes

I love the number 6 quote

keeps me going, thanks for posting

@sydesjokes your messages are quietly inspirational.nice post.

Change the world is the way of the STEEMIT...!

Happy New Year 2018

Thanks for the inspiration!

"When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"

thanks for sharing your wonderful post @sydesjokes

Great photos! Will check those links!

of course, tough times never last. Only tough people do.

If only all the people would actually follow some of these ideas, think how much better the world would be!

This was a nice set of quotes. Great job! Keep them coming.

Some really good inspiring quotes :)

Tough times will never last.

Nice quotes!

Thanks for this amazing quotes..

Great quotes i liked it.


Inspirational images indeed.....

Nice ideas. I like the rhyme No. 2 the most.

I love a lot of these but #2 is really perfect. Everyone's desires in one :).

Education is not always the key but very important.

Thank you for inspiring us.

I will go with number 3 it always seems to be the way good craziness gets you places :)

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Definitely go with number 7 it's the way i like to feel everyday !!

В чем прикол шутник?

well said.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

I like number 8 myself.

nice photo nice share thank you

Thanks for motivation us @sydesjokes
upvoted ,followed and resteemed your post

Nice motivational post hoping to see more

Wise quotes from a wise man. Great post.