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Top 10 Inspirational Picture Quotes.

Whether you need some inspiration,
something to lift you up a little,
or just love reading motivational quotes.


life won't be interesting if we don't have challenges. It is only those that overcome gets respected.

I like “people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” That is awesome.

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great motivations ..keep it up

I’ll use no4 for the holiday season

great motivation

Lovely post

Great motivational post @sydesjokes !👍😊
I love "Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction!

Every one wants happiness in life. but to get happiness and gain you have to keep yourself ready for pain. Proverb said it as no pain no gain.All sayings are realistic without big idea and devotion in your idea you can't do some thing great. you have passion to think out of the box that's the way scientist discovered many modern day inventions. your post is very much motivational keep sharing @sydesjokes

"A Goal With out A Plan is just A Wish" (y)

Those all are Amazing Quotes!! I like your Post, Thnx!!

yeah, you can't have a little rain without a rainbow.

Nothing ever stays forever

Education surely is important.

At first I thought this was Jokes, but I see these are quotes. My top 3 are 9, 3 and 5. Be sure to signup for and follow @steemthat.

Last one it's my favourite. I like so much :)

A goal without a plan is just a wish... So true...

Awesome truths..

Yes true to your posts.

Nice posts!

Well said...timeout never lastss...

Truth rainbow without rain

#5 - Because you must take action if you want to get something.

#5 explains New Year resolutions, I suppose.

great quotes

Indeed everyone wants happiness but not everyone can endure the pain

"A goal without a plan is just A WISH".
I do agree with this!

Amazing 👏💕👏

hmm, a goal without a plan is a wish?

To be successful, you need determination and to achieve that you have to be strong-willed.

so much educational and motivational

very beautiful words, @sydesjokes

i'd pick the #3 quote... :)

Education is actually key.

Nice quote. @sydesjokes

Nice quote.

nice quotes :)

#3. that is also true. Geeks are crazy people and they have literally change the world.

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