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in motivation •  7 months ago 

The urge should be to live the life rather than to give up the life. Life is about exploration and finding new things of excitement everyday rather than just getting bored and quoting the most fascinating thing that God has given us. The life. Just enjoy.

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Yes, we need to seek out possibilities and not give up. Life will happen and at one point we have once had the urge to quit. Quitting is giving up on life and once we give up on life, we have deprived ourselves of what life has to offer and what we can offer to make life better for others and ourselves in the long run.

Thank you very much, my friend. I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts. It means a lot.

That's true my friend. Life is full of opportunity. Rather than quoting, it better to make a new way....

It my pleasure to be part of great write up. Lately something kept me occupied restricting me to give much time....

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I am glad you found a way finally. I always enjoy your contributions. They are always insightful. Thank you once again. I hope the busy days have reduced a bit? Do have a lovely day, my friend.