Don't Look Down On Yourself

in #motivation3 years ago

There was this man i met sometimes ago who told me to keep on putting effort in whatever i believed in because positivity is only certain if my mind remains positive.

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There came a time when I couldn't find the man again but what he told me that day couldn't eject from my mind which drove me to the point saying " The Journey of a million miles always starts with just a single step"
Do you think it will be difficult for you?
Just give it a try first and you will realize it is not as hard as it looks.

Together let meet at the TOP

Source: My Weku Blog


This is very good to post. A lot of people carry opinions from individuals they don't even speak to anymore. It's hard to get out of that mind frame but possible I've done it

I'm glad you got the point.
Thanks for coming around

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