What does motivation mean in the true sense?

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Lessons that will lead you towards grow up to success

Although very little to lead an exquisite life, we'd like to follow some lessons. These lessons area unit bound to create your life a satisfying one.


The word 'expression' is known to everyone. Which is something or an example by which the interest or excitement of any work in you becomes like going to the top of the Everest? And the word 'expression' is derived from the word 'objective' which means the person needs, desires, wants or drives in person. The process of stimulating people for action to achieve a destructive goal. There can be many reasons to stimulate human behavior with respect to the object of an action, the following mental factors may be appropriate -

  1. Strong desire to earn money
  2. Achieve success
  3. Feel free to accept yourself to work or recognition
  4. Hard working for job-satisfaction
  5. The courage to work with the team, etc.

Every person can take motivation in different ways from their respective positions. But we do not do that, because we look for a chance of laziness. Explain with an example:

“I think that I did a lot of work on the night, due to which I slept late. What is the result? It's late in the morning. But I also knew that my roommate got up early in the morning and left for office. But I have slept too much after I left him.”

We can take very good motivation from the above stimulus. Because I got up late and wondered, 'All the roommates got up early morning, everyone went to work and I was sleeping like a fool.'

From this thought I took myself. Maybe you cannot take it, but my time is very expensive. I began to say to myself, "I will wake up very soon from tomorrow, otherwise I will ...!”

You would like to think more about the weather in the morning. The mind becomes fresh. Here are some things that I can understand -

  1. Should be done at the time of work, or there may be problems in the next.
  2. As early as rising from sleeping in the morning, it is good for the Timeliness, so it is good for the body.
  3. If you do not work on time, you should be lagging behind.

You've got your own motivator. This work however, gave the mother a child. In the same way, motivation creates a deadly stimulus for people to achieve their desired goals.

Moreover, the responsibility of a good leader is to work on the motivational statement of his subordinate employees. The motivation process has three stages, but it works with three basic steps -

  1. A feeling that interests you to do a good job
  2. An incentive to work in which manipulation of work leads to extreme care
  3. When your desires will be fulfilled and the satisfaction will be achieved.

Ultimately, we can say that motivation is a psychological phenomenon that can confront human needs.

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