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Hello guys..
For my American friends hope y'all had fun yesterday been 4th of july.. Am sure that you are still in the celebration mood. Today i want to share with you some of my thoughts and solutions to the problem of poverty especially in developing countries.. Analysts have found that the major difference between the poor and the rich is the mind.. Jim Rohn said

"the rich invest their money and spend what is left : the poor spend their money and invest what is left."

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This is a very important part of every successful people we have on the planet. investing your current resources on your future is a must for teenagers and young adults who desire financial freedom. The investment may be in the form of capacity biulding or financial investment in long term business. here is a little story when i was much younger..

Back then in secondary school, I was very naive about life didn't know what I really want. Someday I met Mr bola who was invited to my school to give career talk. I paid close attention to him all through his lecture and he kept stressing on the importance of investments..... Investing in your talents and business ideas.

Well after he must have lectured all students, I rushed to him with curiosity and boldness. In my little voice I asked him "sir how do I make money, I want to become a millionaire ".

He smiled and told me Sam, your financial journey begins with what you do with your first Naira ..

Well as a teenager I replied, if I had enough money I will be rich. He smiled and said money can never make you rich, the main ingredient of success is wisdom.

Mr bola told me a plan that I will never forget, and this is what I'm about to share with you.

He said Sam, follow this plan because it's never the amount that counts but the plan.

These confirmed secrets are what I have applied also and I recommend you should do with your first naira.

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                                     RULE 1
  • Never spend 100% of each naira you earn. Keep 70% for expenses and you are left with 30% .. what do you do with it??
                                     RULE 2
  • 10% for charity or tithe. One of the best things my mum thought me is generosity, you must learn to give willingly so that the universe will replenish your pocket bountifully. What goes around, comes around.

                                   RULE 3                
  • The next 10% is the use of capital : Capital is any value you set aside to be invested in an enterprise that brings value to the market hoping to make profit (passive income).

                                RULE 4
  • The next 10% is to be kept in your savings account where you must restrict yourself to some extent from getting access to it at will

I have work with these rules all my life and it has been of great impact in my life.. Investing is part of my everyday life and every income i earn from what ever source is been been spent strictly with these rules..

Friend, one of the major reason why most people end up been broke at some point in their life is that they dont plan to be financially free. They spend 100% percent of their income on recurrent expenditures, others spend some percentage and save a little but when a problem comes they return to their savings and do away with it to solve their problems..

Some developing Nations are even caught up in this senerio and they end up declaring bankrupcy. Most of them result to collecting loans from other Nations, IMF( international monetary fund) and other Global financial institutions. There is a popular saying that..

" if you fail to plan.. you have already planned to fail"

Friend, these rules are golden and they have drastically changed my life for the better.. i have never had any reason to be found wanting financially niether have i had any reason to borrow from any one to run my day to day activities and pay my bills.

A friend of mine aways say to me..

"use your brain and think .. thats the purpose it was created"

Frend if you find yourself in any of the situations above, my advice to you is that you can begin again.. take these three rules listed above very seriously and plan your financial future.. am so sure if you dont compromise any, you would never be in any position to lack any thing all your life..

Thanks so much for investing your time with me today..

Yours truely,


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