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Money is very important as a human being for survival and for the offset of daily bills. There is a popular saying that all hands are not equal so everybody is not destined to be rich.. I beg to disagree with this because being rich is a combination of hardwork and an individuals mindset or definition of wealth. And the definition of being rich is financial freedom. most people misunderstand this and feels only those on forbes list are rich people. Once you are financially free, you are a rich person.
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This is a question that lies in the heart of every teenager and young adult and even adults daily. For most folks success in life is determined by how rich you are financially and the quest for getting rich is driving most people crazy. This is basically the cause of scams and robbery and all manner of financial crimes we see in the world today. Most rich people we see in the world today started with an idea and then put the idea into work and the result is the financial freedom they enjoy today.

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I have learnt that for you to be financially free, there are certain steps you need to take as a person in life. most folks just sit down and wait for luck or a magic to happen or to hit the jackpot to become rich. Beloved, For you to be financially free, you have to first of all define what being rich is to you. Get up and take the bull by the horn to define your future.. experts have discovered that 70% of what we actually become in life is determined by the decisions we make in life.. So therefore its time to wake up from your slumber and take bold steps to sharpen your financial future. The biggest mistake a person could ever make in life is to procrastinate and rely on the cliche "Que Sera Sera" . Arise and go get em.


In life being successful depends a whole lot on your passion. what are you so passionate about in life. is it your job?? is it a project you are working on?? is it an habit or something you love doing??.. what ever it is that gives you joy may just be the secret of your being wealthy.

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If you have passion for your job so much it would become a lifestyle rather than a job. A job you love would gradually become part of you and you definitely excel and get to the topmost top of your profession that way you become financially free. if its something you love doing or a particular game you love doing.. you might just excel and be the best player of that game in the world. but also you need to develop your self in that area to be able to stand out globally.. this would be a topic for another day..

Thanks so much for your time today friend.. do have a lovely day.


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