Can tea making be profitable?

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We Indians have bee enjoying our cup of tea right from the time the British introduced brought introduced us to it. It was the British rule that gave India the flourishing tea fields in Assam that today is producing one of the finest tea's of the world. However, we Indians soon got addicted to the flavour of the tea and we added to it some spices and invented our very own tea flavour that is today known as 'Masala Chai'.
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No matter how stressed you are, your hot cuppa masala chai would relieve you. Tea is the livelihood of many road side tea vendors that charge anywhere between rs5/- to rs10/- for a single cup of tea. Are they all rich? You cannot tag them as rich, may be they just have enough to make a decent living after working day and night without any breaks. Road side tea vendors Would second me when I say that tea making is not a stable job.
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One man in Pune , Maharashtra , India has proved it all wrong with his tea making business that he says earns him an monthly income of 12 lakh INR. Was it a overnight thing? No, it took Navnath Yewle over four years to set up a tea stalls and develop his personalized special tea taste that earned him customers. Today, Yewle 's tea stalls has developed into a eatery like place and he claims that he sells anywhere between 3k to 4k tea cups per day. He also adds that he is planning to make his tea an international brand and also wishes to add few more stalls across India. With his flourishing tea making business he is also opening up doors for many unemployed youths. Yewle has proved that it just takes hard work and Vision to achieve anything you desire.

So, next time you see a road side tea vendors in India, don't judge him.

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