KonMari :My first step towards minimalism

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Life always teaches us new things .and today i learned something and thought it would be so intresting to share it with you ,also to make my significant other talaxy so proud ,as he s the one who is always inspiring me to become more minimalistic and more organised .
So i came across a very intresting methodology for people like me who are trying to be minimanlistic but still they are confused , from where should i start ? how ?and why ?

It's called the KONMARI of Marie Kondo ,that helped so many people over some years in different contries to orgainse their lives ,starting from their stuf ,and when i say stuf i mean their clothes ,books , paper .
--First step:so basically it consists of gathering together all the things that we have by categories ( i know it s gonna look like a festival of colors like my before picture haha)
-- Second stepis to touch and feel each item and choose the onces that "spark joy" or the onces that we might be happy and feel good having it .. the only condition for this that it should be as quick as possible ,because the first thought you have about this thing is the right one .
--Last step :is to choose the items that we will get rid off and keep the onces that we chooses on our second step ..

I personely beleive in the energy of things , that the more things we have the more our energy is waisted not only on the physical perspective but also mental perspective .and another reason that there s so many people out there that need it more then we do so why not sharing it ?
Now i know that this is not a 100% minimalstic thing but still it s a very intresting thing to start with , and a way to help people to be more organised and have a meaningful life .. i invite you to give it a try and enjoy the feelings you will have after :D and will be so happy if you would share your exprience on the comment ..feel free to ask me :)
ps :i didnt use the Marie kondo way to tide up my clothes but defintely will try it as soon as i can






Oh I am so proud of you! The more you give, the more you receive. So again the more you will have to give and again to receive more. An endless circle. So minimalism lifestyle may carry rich attitudes :) Bravo @safaax I am super proud of you as always 😍

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you are right the more we give the more we receive ..thank you for being my inspiration

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