Monday Motivation - Loyalty

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People do not use the word 'loyalty' very often. However, when you listen carefully you hear them complain about a lack of loyalty or even disloyalty all the time. Relationships mostly fail or get strained when loyalty is absent. No one expects to be in a relationship of whatever kind with a perfect person. We all know people make mistakes but we all expect and need at least a form of loyalty to make a relationship work.

We are not a very loyal generation, are we? Things change all the time and we need to adapt and move on. My brand-new cell phone with never-before-seen technology and features become old within three months. People sometimes travel between New York and London more than once a day. A career is not measured by how long you stick with one company anymore but by how many times you have moved up no matter to how many companies you moved. Fast food is not fast if you have to wait more than 40 seconds at the second window of the drive-through. We do not fix things. We replace them. And a bond on a house is a much longer-lasting commitment than a marriage.

As much as we need to adapt to change in this fast-paced world the need for loyalty has not changed. All relationships grow and flourish in a sense of security. You only have security in a relationship if you have loyalty.

So this week I want to encourage you to go and give what you need. It is time to show people in your life that you are loyal to them. That you have their backs. That you are not walking or fading away, no matter what.

  • Don't demand it from people. Give it to people.
  • Don't say it with words. Show it through actions.
  • Don't wish for loyalty from those who do not have it to give. Show it to those worthy of your loyalty.

This week Be a loyal person in tangible ways!

You need it. So give it!

Can I remind you of an oft-repeated promise in the Bible?

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.
Jos 1:5 NIV

Have a great week!


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What a motivating post to be a better person! Yes, I’m afraid the world is highly consumerist and the throw-away generation :( very sad indeed.. I think being loyal to people is exceptionally important but also to practice being loyal to our earth by being a bit more conscious of what we consume and how we dispose of things! :) thanks for your words of encouragement <3

absolutely right.
well said.

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Such a great reading. I'm agree with the most of what you wrote, we live in different times but some there still are loyalty and good company.
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hard facts but they are true. kcherukuri from kryptonia.

Loyalty pays...... Kryptonia ID:@diamondrich

As predicted by 1984. Replace it all! via @kryptonia by @daytondoes

I think loyalty is one of my strongest attributes but I don't think I receive the same consideration when politics is involved. I like to challenge it a little by trying to get those around me to see the whole picture and not just their slanted side

I Totally Agree Sir And Thanks For Such Beautiful Topic Kryptonia @orakzai

@reonlouw Great Motivation for full Week. This motivation will surely help all of us.

Well said, and something we all need to learn to take into account.

Hermosa misión la que nos encomienda, muy útil no solo para esta semana sino para toda la vida. ID kryptonia @charjaim

Loyalty is not very common, but your photo depict the best example of loyalty, dogs! It is indeed loyal. Kryptonia id blogjeremiah

excelente reflexión, desde @kryptonia por @reyos69

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This is probably most appropriate when it comes to employers. There was a time when employers were loyal, which of course made employees very loyal. Now, it is all about the bottom line for many companies. I suspect that once companies get large, they become impersonal, leading to this behavior. Of course, in the long run, it just hurts the company. In the short run it hurts the employee.

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Thank you for this reminder! Many times we forget about being loyal.

I personally think that I'm loyal but sometimes it could only be a habit that you don't want to change instead of loyalty..

Also be loyal to yourself and your own beliefs.

Very wonderful feel this article😊❤😊 Love the great words!