Motivated to motivate.

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It was just like every other day, I and my friends were hanging out after a long day and somehow, we shared our thoughts on how we beheld each other. Surprisingly, the tiniest stone wasn't left unturned. "You are too mild Ekom" Godwin had said, he usually was very calm and seemed undisturbed by any situation. I would go on to ask him what he meant and I got a shocker.
"You don't usually press for more. It actually good to be contented but not when you've got the 'joules' to achieve more".

That night marked the beginning of a revolution in my life and it would forever remain in my memory. Until then, I had thought that I was doing just fine but hearing that from one of the closest persons to me in the world really stirred up something inside of me. Those simple words were worth billions of dollars and it sparked up an awakening in me.

Like Godwin my friend, have you thought of how you can motivate someone close to you? It doesn't have to use tongue-twisting words or big grammers or hard-to-crack proverbs by old men, just a simple well arranged advice could spur one to the apex of his achievements.

Most of us are familiar with the story of the man who made the first lightbulb in history; his relentlessness is the reason why we all have light emanating from glass shaped into various designs. That man is in my own words "the father of lights" and his name is Thomas Eddison. History has it that he kept trying and never stopped until he clinched his prize.

"When you try something and fail, it only means that there better ways to get it done"

Motivate someone today. There are quite a number of ways we can actually motivate people. One of which is leading by example; it is one of the most practical ways. It speaks volumes along the lines of "if I can do it, you can too and even better". It sounds boring sometimes telling someone to do something that he/she has never seen you do. It heightens their doubts and their fears in a way as some people seek assurance.
Here's my own piece, whatever it is that you're working on that doesn't seem to be going as planned, don't give up. I believe you can do it, don't relent. It's just a little bit away from where you are


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