Humanity At Her Finest: A Little Growing Dose OF Infectious SMILES

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Humans are not the most active of creatures, neither do we showcase LOVE most, I see the LOVEBIRDS and I get perplexed by their show of Love. In Strength we come out weak, In Speed we fall back in pitiable class, in Growth, we are mocked by many creatures, in Patience, we are better than just a few. Clearly, we live a life so endowed with so many gifts and abilities but they are never Best when put in comparisons, then the saying struck my mind "jack of all trade, master of none!", right?.

Then, maybe we are never best or peradventure we posses one special characteristics that move us far above all other beings on Earth. Of a truth, I had looked at all creatures, and one fact have diffused into my small mind; "it is indisputable that we are the best of Smile givers". The hyena might intend stealing the spotlight but It never smiles cause it posses one cunning of a Laugh!. If there is Laughter then there must be Smiles, but we have "those" much more abundant than any.

We are emotional, and in so many ways, we try not even hard to reflects these feelings, cause most times it creeps unto our faces. Like Wax in hot water, never seize to show its presence, cause when the water gets cold, it emerges to the surface, so also we are like those wax. Most times we indeed try hiding those Smiles but never are they completely hidden, cause they are getting fueled and ready to showoff our emotions in rapid burst immeasurable.

We never smile on our own, we simply don't wake up in the morning and start smiling, neither do we just jump off our beds in the morning and begin a cycle of Laughter. We follow a course of an equation, a principle we obey always, but what is this principle?.


We lay in one and another's heart the essence of Smiles, the Need we give even to others to follow one set Principle entangled with our emotions. We touch Hearts and Souls simultaneously, and we end up in Smiles and Laughter with our thoughts aligned with others. It all tally around the truth behind "one and another", we only fail Smiling and end up in frowns, cause the 'Another' fails in seeing the power behind those Smiles you are selling without cost!

The truth is that we reserve the most Special Smiles for the Most Special Ones in our lives, such is a complete cycle; that "there is someone in this world that brings the best of smiles to us and in turn  extracts the best of smiles from us!. When we smile at others, we get them thinking whats up with us and most times they end up smiling back at us, a medicine to the heart and soul that can't be bought. 

Our smiling faces do have the abilities to infiltrate the worst of thoughts people possess and end up making them smile and produces an immediate warm heart when done genuinely. We become mirrors to those special to us and vice versa. We stand opposite one and another and we put to play the best Medicine GOD imbibed into our nature, we reflect one and another's image, just like the mirror, we become best of Smilers, tapping into the gift that is HUMANITY.

So strong are the Smiles that are made possible by those Special Ones and for those Special Ones in our lives. It continually cramps down our heartaches, heartbreaks and sorrows. It battles out our downpours and dries out our raining eyes, helping us see how of a truth we have reasons to be happy among many. 


SMILES are contagious, like a flu it spreads, like a virus it attaches to our souls and like a flame it consumes all our unneeded frowns. Lets keep on smiling and let us make everyone who meets us along life's journey see it ! Let us give reasons to all that cross our paths reasons to Smile and then there would be a World infected by the goodness and positiveness of smiles and a warm sweet outlook at life. 

Lets have a dose of it, yes, even more than a dose and at the end there would be miles and miles and many more miles of Heart-felt SMILES fueling a heartfelt connection around the globe. If you haven't infected a soul today with a Smile, it means you need a dose HUMANITY. Leave life with a face that speaks your heart, appear happy, BE HAPPY.

Remember, no one can fundamentally give you happiness, you just have to search for it with your third eyes and grab it with your body, soul and mind. Don't look too far for it, start from within. You are the dose of TRUE SMILES. Purge the frowns and those feelings leaching away the humanity you are supposed to enjoy and be part of. Infect the world with Happinessssssssss.....

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With Much Love,

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