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Many people have seen "The Secret" and are familiar with its claim that people can manifest their desires simply by imagining them. Others think this view is a fantasy - how can your thoughts really affect reality?

In fact, there is already scientific data to support the claim on some level - data which shows your attitude affects your health. If your attitude can have subtle effects on your own body, it may have subtle effects on your surroundings, the interactions you have with other people. I know this to be true from my own experience attempting to charm women. If you expect that the woman won't be interested in you, you will falter, and she will see your lack of faith. If you believe that the woman will be attracted to you or want to date you, that prophecy will fulfill itself.

Projecting those data, we can guess that it goes even deeper than that. Feeling the emotions of a scene you imagine from the future brings that scene into reality.

Some will respond, "You can't get something for nothing!" and this seems sensible. To get something good, you must give something good. What they might not realise is, value goes far beyond the hours you put in at work, the unpaid overtime, or the money you invest. You are in a position to provide value to those around you in every waking moment - by giving them a smile, a compliment, encouraging them, even just by being vulnerable and showing your humanity.

In this episode, Kurt encourages you to be valuable, dream a better future and find contentment in the present. Join us on a secret-revealing episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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Thank you for this video, Kurt. It contained some timely reminders for me, but also, just hearing the warmth of your laugh and the lightness of your words is a good feeling.


What a nice thing to say. Thanks Starr.

I believe we are electrical beings. Negative and positive forces do not attract. We attract what we are.

If we are positive and loving, we attract people of similar qualities. This is where the phrase "misery loves company" comes from too since the opposite is true.

I am not sure about the Secret as it is explained. The women you were trying to charm may have simply been impressed by your confidence for example.

Simply thinking about success is not enough in other words. We have to put effort into developing skills, and then those skills are used to acheive things the market finds valuable.


They were impressed by my confidence, and that's kinda the point. Believing in yourself leads to other people believing in you, and that lines up with the idea that your beliefs create your reality. If you take it as an isolated phenomenon, it might not convince you that the underlying principle is there... but there are so many examples, the health and the confidence with women things are just a sample.

I went into it in a little more detail in this video:

Thanks for your comment Mr. @finnian

Hey @paradise-paradox, I am starting a podcast where I interview fellow entrepreneurs. Would you be interested in the appearing on the inaugural episodes?


Sounds fun. My recording set up isn't at its best at the moment, but we can figure something out. Hit me up on if you like



The interview will be done over Skype.
Please book your slot here:

Clever words.

Got it! How do you feel about an individual's "Labor"? And how people place value on their labor subconsciously? Up-Voted


Thanks. I'm not 100% sure what you mean. Do you mean, maybe someone won't be paid as much if they don't feel they're providing a good service, and paid more if they're confident in the quality of their work? Or something else?


No, their attitude reflects how they view the "negotiation" and the value fluctuates with their awareness that they are even negotiating in the first place.


Ahh I see. That's an interesting point. If you don't see your work as valuable, other people will pay you less for it.

People talk a lot about the gender pay gap these days. One important factor is that women tend not to renegotiate wages or be assertive when they are negotiating. Men tend to be better at those sorts of things. So, you receive what you ask for, and if you don't ask for more, you don't receive more.

You got my vote and a resteem :)


Much appreciated!

It makes sense:)