LIP SERVICE----- Expectation Is The Mother Of Disappointment

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The saying that most women are moved by what they hear is true. However, there is no reason to think that this applies to only women, because in reality even men are moved by what they hear. If you have never been moved by what you hear, then you have not heard a persuasive person speak to you on an issue.

Many persons do hold the view that it is not possible for anybody to deliberately strap himself with a suicide belt and blow himself up with other innocent people and joining the increasing number of suicide bombers. The most dominant perception is, these suicide bombers were either forced or some kind of "juju" ( black magic) was used on them.


The truth however is most terrorists and generally people that agree to put their lives on the line and make other sacrifices just to propagate an ideology were talked into the course by someone who has oratory prowess and a developed persuasive and deceptive skills.

Our inability to discern what is actually going on in the minds of people is a disadvantage that has forced us to rely largely on people's words when we get into agreements with them.

May I say that when it comes to dealing with someone you have never had a direct dealing with or another who don't have a history of doing what he says, the smartest thing to do is to expect he won't do what he is saying the way he is saying it. This will help you not to be disappointed

I believe expectation is the mother of disappointment. Keep it down!



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