What is Mediation? What do the stages consist of?

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Mediation solves issues. It means avoiding disagreements in order to find a middle ground.

In a fight, everyone wants the best outcome for themselves (or the group they work for).

But justice, mutual benefit, and partnership must be taken into account for the story to have a happy finish.

Mediation is used in many situations. Disputes in foreign law, government, industry, and the home are just a few examples. You can learn general mediation skills that you can use in a lot of different scenarios. These skills can help you settle disagreements.


A planned approach to settlement might help get to the end result that was wanted. It might be necessary to get everyone involved together for this.

These steps make up the settlement process:

-Getting ready

-An argument

List your goals.

Try to find a way for everyone to win.

-I agree

Putting an action plan into action

Figure out when, where, and who will be at the meeting to talk about the issue before mediation. Setting a time limit can also help keep the fight from getting worse.

To make your point clear, you must also share all the facts that are relevant with the other side. Prepare before talking about the argument so that you don't get into a fight and waste time in the meeting.

At this time, people from both sides give their thoughts. At this point, it's important to ask, listen, and explain. You might want to take notes during the talk to keep track of all the points that were made in case someone needs more information.

When you argue, it's easy to say too much and not listen enough, so it's important to listen. Both sides must have the same amount of time to make their case.

The goals, interests, and points of view of both sides should be made clear. Putting these things in order of importance might help. This ranking usually shows areas where people agree. Making goals clear is an important part of mediation because confusion can get in the way of progress.

In this step, the mediator tries to find a solution where everyone benefits, so that everyone feels like they got something out of the process and their thoughts were taken into account.

Most of the time, win-win situations are best. Even though it's not always possible, the goal should be conciliation.

Now is the time to look at other options and agreements. Most of the time, compromises are good for everyone.

Compromise is possible when everyone's needs and points of view are taken into account. To find an answer, everyone needs to keep an open mind. Agreements need to be clear so that everyone understands.

There will be another meeting if negotiations doesn't lead to a deal. This keeps arguments from getting out of hand, which wastes time and hurts relationships in the future.

At the next meeting, mediation should happen again. The situation and any new thoughts or interests should be looked at. Right now, it might help to think about other options or hire a referee.

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