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The only social institution in which every member of society participates fully and consistently is the family. Family obligations continue to be

each's direct accountability. Most people, with a few notable exceptions, are born into families and later start their own. Children socialise and learn to place their own needs in a larger social context in their families.

The business can survive without the ability to produce and distribute goods meant for consumption, without safeguarding children, the elderly, pregnant women, and the disabled, without abiding by the law, etc. Society will thrive if people are driven to fill these needs. These crucial motivations are validated within the family.


The family is the fundamental social unit on which the health of all other institutions depends. The behaviour a person picks up in their family serves as a model or prototype for the behaviour expected in society as a whole. As a result, the family serves society as a whole by educating its people. The company's goals cannot be met if the family's operations are unsuccessful.

Through the family, socialisation takes place, and people become accustomed to giving back to their entire community.
Company. If the family and society are to support one another, they must be interconnected. Therefore, this presentation will address both the relationships among family members as well as the relationship between families and society.

The second of the three fundamental life goals discussed in Universal Principles and Goals in Life is the subject of this presentation.

enhancing our personality, creating harmonious family and interpersonal relationships, and making a positive contribution to society through our skills and creativity. We'll look at how families are organised and how they contribute to the smooth operation of society.
We will demonstrate how the family instils and upholds society's norms and cultural values.

Through this article, I hope to elicit a variety of responses from members of the community, especially those whose work and lives can support the fundamental significance of the happy, active family as the foundation and role model of a vibrant society.

Readers from all over the world have already gained a profound understanding of family relationships as a means of enhancing society rather than as an end in themselves through such presentations.
We wish you the best of luck in discovering fresh inspiration for the potential of your own family.


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