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You can make your employer pleased by doing your share, even though he's not a genie. Other ways to maximise your work time include showing your enthusiasm for your company's mission and goals.

Giving back to your company is the best way to show you appreciate their efforts. You can achieve this goal by offering him or her a nice bottle of wine after a long day or bringing a tasty treat from home. If you bring homemade cookies to work, don't expect a raise.


One of the best ways to show your supervisor you appreciate the opportunity is to solve a recent problem. Providing a low-cost or free option is extremely useful. You'll save your manager the hassle of figuring it out.

Smart managers know that forcing one's opinions on others, especially those one admires and respects, is counterproductive. Someone who is genuinely interested in your work is more likely to consider your ideas than anyone else. If this isn't possible, start with a quick call or email.

As you work together, your manager may be able to help you identify your abilities. To be more explicit, you can point out the team's strengths and weaknesses. Doing this and finding your strengths will increase your chances of promotion.

Your manager may also applaud your creativity and risk-taking. If you don't test your ideas, you'll never know if they'll work or fail. You can learn about your manager's worldview at work. Even though it may be tempting to take things at face value, you should always be honest and respectful. Otherwise, your boss may be insulted and you may slide downward.

A responsible employer cannot just set an employee in front of a computer and leave. Team-building events at work are a great way to strengthen your skills. This is a smart method to spend your free time and boost your résumé. The best way to make your boss happy is to communicate with them.

Finally, maintain corporate buzz. Workday exhaustion is common. Thus, take time to relax and unwind each day.


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