Recommendations for tolerance and psychological resilience against uncertainty...

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An unplanned business meeting, an appointment that doesn't work out, a trip that doesn't go as planned, or a bad haircut choice—in short, a puzzle that shows up at an unplanned time...

Unexpected events, problems, setbacks that happen at the same time, or uncertainty can all have a negative effect on a person's mental health, based on their level of tolerance. Feelings of stress, worry, anger, or confusion.

Most of the time, losses make people lose control or even have panic attacks. But doubt is a part of life, and you can't avoid it no matter what...

So, why get angry when something unexpected happens? Why do we respond so strongly when something goes wrong that we didn't expect?


Let's say you follow through with everything you plan. Let's say you can handle everything in your personal and business life like a conductor of an orchestra.

Does this mean that you've never experienced the feeling of having something go wrong out of the blue? No, I know! Don't worry, you're not the only one who has had a surprise in their life.

Things that happen that throw off your plans and finally realising that you can't really do anything.

Quantumists are the ones who should talk about things like the uncertainty principle, the universe, and the fact that there are an endless number of possible outcomes.

Let's work on our predictable control skills when things go wrong, and let's pay more attention to how we react to things that go wrong and how to be mentally strong.

The first step to managing a disaster and building psychological strength is to figure out why you react the way you do to things you don't want to happen or that surprise you.

What does uncertainty worry mean, and why does it happen? Everything that was supposed to happen together fell through because of the pandemic and quarantine. We were all very stressed out and some of us even had panic attacks.

If you're in a hurry to do what you had planned, you'll probably be even more disappointed when your plans change.

You're ready, you've thought about everything, and you have standards. A sudden accident caused the unexpected to happen instead of what was planned, which caused confusion. You will be let down by uncertainty and anxiety.

Like a kid who is sad, you no longer care about anything. You wanted the blue candy, but it didn't work. They have red candy now, but you don't even want to see it.

There are no more ways to help you, and you're angry about it. Even you may have been surprised by how strongly you reacted, but outside factors that you couldn't change made you very angry.

What have you now? Two bad things happen at once: you can't meet your standards and you're angry and can't think of a good way to respond.

Being someone who likes to completely organise their life is likely why you are having such a hard time dealing with the unknowns of life.

For as long as it doesn't turn into control crazy, being organised is a good trait. This piece will explain why this is a bad trait.

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