Crucial questions to ask yourself to discover your passion

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The phrase "living by realising your passions" gets on my nerves and makes me feel a little hopeless. Yes, you know that love is about the things that should make us jump for joy, make us want to get up in the morning or stay up all night.

This is what will make us happy in this world, even if it means leaving a place, a job, or a partner. It's what makes us unique and the only way we can be happy, right?

We don't need to like just one thing: You don't have to have just one passion that will follow you through life. That's the first thing you need to know when you're looking for your passion.


Passions change as people age, gain new experiences, and are in different situations. First, we should write down what we like, what we enjoy doing, and what we're good at. This will help us figure out what gets us excited.

It's possible to love anything! You shouldn't compare yourself to people whose hobbies are their whole lives or even to people who have made a living out of them.

Passions are the things we love doing the most, but they aren't always what our life is all about.

Sometimes it might be better not to have a passion at all than to try to follow it and fail. First, let's not put limits on ourselves when it comes to desire.

But because almost anything can become a passion, it's good to be honest about why we have a passion.

It's not enough to know that I love singing to be passionate about it. Be honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself is what will help you follow your purpose without fear of failing or feeling rushed.

"All you need to make a movie is the tools and gear you can use to shoot a movie," they say. Say "I had nothing to do" to stop feeling like a victim.

So we need to stop hurting ourselves and do what makes us shake... Do what gets you excited and living like a child again."To find it and keep it forever! What will I do if I can't find my way in life?

These questions are meant to help us find what really gets us excited, bringing back the magic of youth, when we didn't have to worry about our responsibilities or fears.

Also, it helps you learn more about yourself, your hobbies, the fields that interest you, and the ones that make you dream.

But there are other ways to find your passion: be interested and open-minded, make time for the things you love, own up to your mistakes, and most of all, don't be hard on yourself when things don't go as planned.

You have to get out of your comfort zone, deal with your limiting beliefs, and do something, even if it takes time and work to find your passion.

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