A Little Story of a Dream

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A few days ago I dreamed. A dream that slapped me very much. When I woke up, I immediately took my cellphone and recorded what I remembered. Right now I will tell it again. Indeed, I don't remember the details, but at least I could record the outline of the story. Happy reading…

When I opened a small window in front of my eyes, I caught a figure I had long forgotten. It's Mr. My heart sank. You stare in my eyes. This made me feel very sick, my heart was so sick.

"Where have you been, son? You always wait for you to go home. But you never. Why? Are you so busy? You miss you ... "

A few sentences from Bapak in a disappointed tone made me shed tears right away. I see your shady eyes are also glazed. I can't move. I want to rush into your arms right then. My heart is getting sicker. My chest is getting crowded. I miss you. Come on, why is this leg only able to stand still in front of the window and this eye can only cry at the disappointment presented in the eyes of you ...

As I began to get my feet closer to the father who was outside, in a meadow, you shook your head and took a step back. Somehow I can be outside now. The window is very small ... even for a child with a small body I don't think I will be able to get past that window ... But again I can somehow penetrate it easily.

Sir, can't I miss you now? I'm sorry, sir. Forgive me. I'm too selfish.

That voice seemed to rage in my head. But I still can't do anything. Still standing, still crying, still silent, still injured, still staring into your eyes. I saw a disappointment that made my heart feel very sick. So sick.

This dream stems from the laughter of a friend. This time I was in the kitchen of a friend. While preparing various dishes, for whom and for what. I guess it's for a pretty big event. But I guess my friends started lazing about preparing dishes. I tried to handle other dishes that had to be ready immediately. But somehow, a friend of mine, the owner of the house was not satisfied with the results of my work. Hey, instead of thanking me, I helped you even like this. Who doesn't get upset? But I still want to be told to go buy some food for extra, whatever it is, I don't remember.

I went to three with my two other friends, using two federal model bikes. My friend piggybacked on me, sat in front holding control, while I sat on a bicycle saddle and pedaled it. Another person carries his own bicycle. As I recall, we passed a fairly large road, passed a derivative, then turned on a crossroad and walked straight. After getting my friend's ordered items that I forgot, me and my two friends returned home. I don't know this way. This is new to me. Somehow, me and my friends are in a terminal. To pass the gate and take our bikes, we have to pay. But I think at that time we no longer had money. Long enough to argue with an officer so that we could pass, we were finally able to pass the small gate beside the main gate without paying. But, hey! Wait. Two of my friends left me on their bikes. hey! Wait for me! I don't know the streets here. It's like a place that is very strange to me. At that moment I continued to chase and chase them until they finally lost track after they turned a small corner. I am very tired. I don't know where to go.

Again, somehow, I guess I entered a long hallway with dim light. Not. It's not like someone who will die on a soap opera soap opera ... this hall is like a hallway in an ancient building. I continued to try to pass this hallway and found a way to return home. But hey, there's a guy watching me and laughing. I'm sure he's a bad guy. His thick shirt looks ragged. My breath started to get heavy. I admit, I'm afraid. I was cornered.

"Do you see that wall? That's the only way out and get out of me. Run there and penetrate. Now the choice is only to survive through that wall, or die in my hand ... "

Do you think I'm a fool who believes that humans can walk through the wall? That can only be done by dead humans, ghosts. But this is the only choice. I have to run through that wall. For some reason at that time I didn't think of walking back down the hall and out. Maybe my friend will come back. But strangely, I believe that I really have to run through the wall. And. I just want to go home.

My eyes took turns staring at the wall and the evil man's eyes. I have to run through it. I have to succeed. After strengthening my heart, I took a few steps back as a square and immediately ran towards the wall. But my body bounced back. I failed.

Instantly the man pounced on my body, wanting to kill me. I just closed my eyes in resignation. I'm really tired, I want to go home. I think, this is the end of my life. When the man almost stabbed me, two men came in hats to help me, killing the bad guy. Somehow they won, and the dead body of the evil man disappeared.

"Do you trust him? Drink it, "said one of them, holding a container of water from the skin they were carrying. I received it and drank the water. My mind is very chaotic.
"You want to go home," said the other man. I nodded.
"Not that wall. But that one. "The man who gave me a drink pointed to the end of the hall behind the wall I had failed to penetrate. At the end of this hall, there is a hidden wall with a small window in the middle.
"Go home"
I look at them. I still can't say anything. But I'm very grateful they found me.

Slowly I walked toward the wall which he said could bring me home. Look closely at the small window. Hoping to get back together with my friends soon. My hand moved against the window in front of me, and began to open it slowly. I found a figure I had long forgotten. The figure that keeps my tears out of control at this time. The figure that made my heart feel so sick. Yes ... when I really want to go home, the magic takes me to him. The figure who is waiting for my return at the end of the rest of his life. the figure who waited patiently every day for me even though I didn't remember it. A miracle that made me so devastated. When I have to go home ... I don't have to go back to my house, among many friends today. But I have to go home to a warm figure, a person who gives comfort with all the protection that is my true home. Father.

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