Your price, Your Crown

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Everything important life undertaking comes with a special price attached to it. Pay the price and wear the crown. Crowns are not for everybody, they are for monarchs. You can not become a king or a queen in that field without being willing to pay the price attached to it. You can not win the crown if you do not endure to the end. For every vision you pursue, learn to do these;

Calculate the cost  

Accept the cost 


Be steadfast 

Be diligent 

Be prepared for opposition 

Be courageous

And remain positive. 

Remember there is power in every word you speak and every thought. This February, speak positive, think positive. 

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The crown of the king

Thanks for reading.

No pains, no gains.

True. Thanks for your comment here.

Without paying the price, you can't get the prize. Nice one Ogo.

Thanks ma'am.

Without a price there is no prize! <3

True. Thanks for reading.

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece,happy new month

I wish you same. Thanks for reading.

Ure doing a great job here for steemians to be bless...may God bless you too

Positivity pays.
Courage gives you reason to fight. It helps you to properly keep your gaze fixed on the prize

Steadfastness and diligence builds your resistance to discouragement and negativity.
Good words to start the Day / month with. Thank you @ogoowinner

Thank you for reading.


Happy new month @ogoowinner ,things we need to know to be happy
Thanks for ur vote and comment

nothing good comes easy

Very true. Thanks for reading.

Thanks so much for this @ogoowinner. Nothing great comes easy, we have to work the work. No cross, no crown, no pain, no gain.



Pay the price and wear the crown. Very inspiring post. Thanks for the rhema @ogoowinner. Happy new month

Thanks so much for this and Happy new Month. God Bless.

I so much love this post...your price,your crown...we need people like you to motivate us here..keep it up..@ogoowinner

Well I've read and I've learnt now it's time I put it into perspective

We are an end product of what we put into our lives. Thanks so much @ogoowinner. Great words to begin the month. Happy new month to you

Everything comes with a price, success and failure has their too, it's left to us to make our choice.
You just encouraged me with this, was at the verge of making a decision. Thank you 😀

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
Ps: when will you visit my blog 😊

I'm yet to see a king without a story. There is always a price of diligence, time, excellence, dedication before the crown.

Woww,this is very nice and inspiring,i love this,nice writeup winner,Happy new month.

Happy New month miss ogo.. And thanks for sharing this inspiring post to start up d month... Have a nice day ahead.

Thanks for this wonderful motivation .. God bless

February amazing words
Thanks @ogoowinner
Happy new month

In life, there is nothing that will gear you up in your road to success than persistence/focus. Thanks for the food for thought, happy new month

Happy New Month to you too. Thanks for the motivation.

time to stay positive have a great month ahead :)

Ogo your post is inspiring and represents the true essence of steemit

Wonderful tips for the new month. Happy New month to you.

Am soo loving this post,, thanks @ogoowinner,
Nice post... Wishing you a wonderful month ahead

After all this u'd still come in contact with procrastination

Have an awesome Feb ✌️

Same to you @greenrun,things we need to know in feb to be happy
Thanks for ur vote and comment bosd