Even if you dream the world you will not conquer simple hamlet with procrastination

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Time is very crucial in every men`s journey and if not properly manage then zero achievement is the consequence. When time and resources are channel rightly success is sure but when they are just mere thinking with zero action (procrastination) then failure is looming.

If your mind is so sharp at providing great solutions to situations but your body is so slow to manifesting them into actions then you will achieve nothing - @nuges.

Those ideas you leave untouch today might fetch someone else millions of dollar tomorrow then you will wish you had started today. This moment cannot be store, borrow, save or buy, infact it can never be replicated after now so take actions now and manifest that awesome solutions your mind is providing right now.


Procrastination will never allow you to achieve anything in life and you will be like a living dead if you dont find quick solution to it and there is no solution to procrastination than action. You can set million goals in life but none will be achieveable with procrastination, infact you can be as talented as Lionel Messi but if that Christiano Ronaldo`s unrelenting will is not there then you will arive at zero.

If you don`t start right away then you will never start.

Sucess will not wait for you in life but rather you will be the one to run after sucess and the more you delay your starting time the more you are adding to your running time.


Time wait for no man neither will it stop till it`s finally exhausted and once exhausted it can never be remold so exhaust your best with it so as to have your success before time is finally exhausted.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Start now then you can rest tomorrow but dont rest today thinking you will start tomorrow because that is very dangerous to your achievement in life. Meditation is good but over meditation is never good, tomorrow is unsure but you can turn it to your favour through your today`s action. Kill procrastination before it finally kill you.

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