Nuggets of Wisdom #29

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The quality of the work we do says more about us than our spoken words or promises. Whether you provide a service or products, the quality of the work you do will be judged and others will either value or devalue you based on that. The reason why many underestimate the importance of quality work is that we do not recognize that the quality of our work is a direct reflection of our integrity, standards and work ethics. In other words, when others receive a service or product from us, they are receiving an extension our character. To put it simply, an adequate service or product shows a poor character, and high quality service or product shows an upright character.



Many people confuse quality with quantity and believe that the more they offer, the more success they will attain. My husband has a funny name for a store that we sometimes go to buy things. This store, as he calls it, 'has everything and nothing.' And I am reminded of this statement whenever I go there because he is absolutely right. The store is full of useless things that I am not sure who buys or needs such things. For every useful thing you see, there are twenty useless items.

Similarly, many of us try to do too many things and forget that to offer quality, we must limit what we offer and how we offer. Scarcity will make others value our service or products, and it doesn't matter whether our service is cleaning houses or providing consulting services to a Fortune 500 company; our work must speak of us and for us. Today's nugget of wisdom reminds of us quality over quantity, especially in a world that seems to value quantity, no matter how inadequate.

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