How did you learn to do that?!!

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Do you remember when you were a toddler? I don't, but we all had similar experiences. At some point, we stopped crawling and decided to take our first steps. It wasn't easy and at times we fell flat on our face. During other times, our parents or other family members were there to hold our hand. But whatever happened, and day after day, we took those steps forward and got back up every time we fell. Imagine if as toddlers we stopped getting back up because we were fed up of falling? We would've never learned how to walk!

Life is like that. Every day is a step towards something unknown; a challenge we must learn how to overcome. If we choose to sit on our backsides because we keep falling down, then we would remain in that same place and prevent ourselves from moving forward in life. Observing children can teach us a lot about life in general and their resilience teaches us how to face life's defeats with optimism. So next time someone asks you how you learned to do anything or overcame obstacles in your life, just respond with;

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