Who moved my cheese?

in motivation •  last year

Hello dear friends,

Who moved my cheese ?  Still continues to be a best seller even today with over 30 million copies soldo across the globe and will continue to be one of the best selling books of all times . 

The book has taught me a few things that I am going to share with you all.By making some simple changes to the way we think,we can conquer every difficulty and get whatever we want in life.Here are a few golden rules from the book :

Rule#1 :"change is the only constant in life".If I don't change I will become extinct and if I am not adaptable I will surely be left behind. 

Rule#2 : Feeling of fear at times is a positive thing to happen as it prepares us mentally for the worst.However, it is not good to fear always.

Rule#3 :you should developed the skill of sensing 'change' before it happens  and be ready to face it when the change takes place.

Rule#4 :Learn to jump off the boundaries  of fear and be positive at all times.This will help you put your 100%.

Rule#5 : Never never never give up dreaming. Dreams are the foundation stones to reality. When you believe that you will get what you want.you will get closer to your goals.

Rule#6 : It is a bad idea to keep clinging on to your past all the time,especially relating to failures and hard times. When a change occurs, take quick action and move ahead!

Rule#7 :Never sit down to worry with arms folded.keep moving towards your goal and in constant search of what you want.

Rule#8 :Old and worn out methods never give expected results.To see a change in the system you have to change the system and keep pushing it till you reach there. 

Rule#9 : developing the skill and ability to notice small changes early help in adapting to bigger changes that are yet to come.

Rule#10 :sometimes our imagination is our worst enemy.Our imagination makes the problem many times bigger than it actually is.Hence the fear we build up may be worse than the actual.

Rule#11 :And at last but not the least,we must accept the fact that "To move on is life" and we must cheerfully learn to move with time.

I sincerely hope this post helps you overcome obstacles in life and achieve your goals.Would appreciate your views on the same.GOOD LUCK! 

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