I am a patient plankton

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My greetings to steemit friends all over the world.

Plankton, here I am still with plankton who remain patient in bringing steemite ocean currents.Where patience is a belief for me and a motivation to keep trying to be a delicious prey, for big fish like, whales, dolphins.
I mean here to be a delicious prey for whales, dolphins, is to become a plankton favored by big fish.

I will continue to try with my predicate which is still plankton, which we need to know with no plankton then big fish will also feel the impact. We need to remember with a small then there is a big and a small one day will turn into big.

So from all this, believe me if we want to be a big fish, then we have to be a plankton and small fish first. Because developing something that takes process and challenge, in order to be made as an experience in through patience.

Be patient to be a plankton, it's all a process to become a great power

by @muhammadromi

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