Life Changing Incredible Tips Part 2

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In the first part I have discussed about some tips, and here is the rest all.

Number 11: Importance of Location.

In case of any emergency we call 911 for help. Here I am sharing the most important and useful trick of this list. When you call for help you should disclose your location first then describe the issue. If you do this, it will be so easy for the operator to send help fast. Sometimes few seconds and save your life.
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Number 10 : NAP.

Short time sleeping in day time is helpful for your brain and health; it improves your memory and also protects you from cardiovascular disease. But be careful about sleeping time. If you sleep more than nine hours, your immune system may be disrupted.

Number 9 : Watermelon.

It is amazing that watermelon is the natural Viagra having similar effects and it is proved by the scientist. But it is not sure that how much watermelon you have to eat for the effect. eating 65 pounds once or more! However it have to admit that the nature is wonderful.
water melon.png

Number 8 : Magical power of Music.

It’s a good thing for the athletic people. You will be 15% more productive in lifting weights and burning calories if you listening to music during your workout. So, from now when you go to workout put your earphones.

Number 7: Memory Finger.

This tip has been checked by billions of people. With the help of your hand your brain can work harder. Interesting? Yes, it’s true. To remember something immediately, clench your fist. This will boost the memory recalling skills of your brain, and as a result, the necessary information will come up to your mind right in time.

Number 6 : Helping Hand

Regularly you do everything with your dominant hand and don’t even pay any attention to the usual auto actions. For you, take a brain challenge, do something of your ordinary habits, for example brush your teeth with your non dominant hand. This tip will help you to shake up your brain and to work more actively.

Number 5 : Men but little.

Surely you need all your nerves and patience when you spend a lot of time with children. If the children are very annoying, usually you get upset and you want to end all things up with anger and headache. This small, funny tip is only for you and also help you a lot. Try to think them little drunk man, it help to lift your mood. We don’t accept too much adequacy and concentration from a drunken person. Do you?

Number 4 : Loud Music Relaxation,

Do you have any prohibition for listening music in loud? Forget about this. You can listen music in loud sound but don’t be hard just controlling the level. Follow the idea. If you listen your favorite music at a regular volume level at home, you will fell happier and also relaxed. Try to boost the volume level as possible for once. You are in home, no one can see you so, don’t forget to dance. Go for little bit wild.

Number 3 : Green Tea.

Green tea can be helpful in your slimming. Before go to bed drink a green tea. The secret is in the components of green tea which thoroughly make metabolism faster.

Number 2 : Sleeping gymnastics.

Healthy sleeping may be disturbed fro Stresses and hard. You all know the state when you are overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions. It's almost impossible for us to calm down and fall asleep. Here is a secret tips for you. The four-seven-eight exercise can help you to sleep faster. You need to inhale through your nose for a count of four. Now the second step, hold your breath for a count of seven, then exhale through your mouth for the count of eight. Four cycles of this and you're nearly sleeping.

Number 1 : Calming yogurt.

Are feeling anxious for any reason, just eat some fat-free yogurt and two spoonfuls of nuts. Do you know it will works for you. The Amino acids will help you to calm down.


Here is a smart bonus for you. If you want to know about a person how he treats you just try to read the body language. Here is two options. Crossed legs and relaxation. If the man crossed leg and arms that means he is not interested to continue the conversation with you. If the person relaxed and does not cross their limbs, good news is that he is interested to continue the conversation with you.


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