hopefully my friends can be motivated with this

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hello steemian friends all on tonight I will be a little willing to burn the spirit of friends in the world of steemit. I write about motivation in the hope of being able to motivate the struggle of friends to achieve the things you want in this world of steemit. what kind of motivation that I want to share, let's go straight into the discussion of motivation from me for my friends all

the first thing you should do is Do not complain when others think we are vulnerable, and do not give up when they think we are weak. But prove to them that we are people who should be considered in the struggle.

Do not be sad or give up when the dream has not been achieved, fall in the moment of struggle it becomes a witness of the hard struggle for the sake of reaching dreams and beauty in the future.

Then what happens when we give up, then the outsiders will assume we are weak people. But if we rise from all this slump, then someone next to us will smile proudly and then say "he is the one who made my tears fall and smile proudly".

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