Would you still choose a life of hardship?

in motivation •  10 months ago

Firstly, let's not make it a case of comparison. Just like there are people poorer than me, there are richer ones as well. To one family, an expired loaf of bread is hazardous to eat. To another, as long as the mold can be scrapped off, it's still a meal for another day.

I think everyone goes through their fair share of ups and downs in life. During the highs, you'd wish it lasts forever.

During the lows, well, you'd wish you can go back to the highs. :)

Someone asked me, if given a choice, say a magical one, to reverse time, would I opt for a life that's easier? Perhaps a life that I didn't drop out of college and went on to secure a great job in a great company. Or one where I don't get divorce and left to take care of Will on my own. Or one where I don't have to see my Ma fought a losing battle with cancer. Or one that my parents didn't separated. Or one without the numerous failures in between.

Don't get me wrong: I wanted to say Yes. Much tempted, really.

But then I'm reminded, there's no guarantee that the other life - the other Maverick - won't suffer as well. I could be in a job that is not fulfilling, draining my very essence everyday as I clock in for work. I could be in a loveless relationship. I could loose my Ma in a split second, like a car crash, where I don't get to say proper goodbyes, or have a chance to learn life lessons during the days of impending death.

And don't even get me started on the business failures. Truthfully, it hurts like hell when you fail, and if you fail a couple more times, you don't necessary get immune to it either. Coz as the failure gets bigger, the pain cuts deeper, the scars just don't go away.

One of my earlier role models once told me,

"If you can get over this hardship, you'll think you can handle the same hardship life throws at you. It's true, you can, because you learn from your mistakes, and you're smart. But here's the thing: life ain't gonna throw the same rock at you again. The next one is gonna be a boulder."

So seriously, you don't get immune to hardship, you just get used to it. You understand that there will be a ledge during the climb where you can lay down for a rest, but eventually, you gotta brave the climb again. Sometimes, you look back, and thought how nice it will be if you settled.

But nah, you ain't gonna pick that. Because you can't, and you won't be contented.

I guess that why I would say Yes to a life of hardship. Nope, it's not about becoming a maverick, or rebellious, or gung-ho, or brave (in some circles, it's called stupid). I think I'm addicted to the experience that comes with it, the stories I can tell, the smile I can give when I look back.

We are the sum of our experience. To take out a chunk of our life, is to rewire us. Sure, maybe it can rewire us to be a better person, but that's a gamble. I rather work with that I have, because it sure wasn't easy coming about.

So yes, I would choose a life a hardship, one that moulds me to be a better person. But I would also say a little prayer, for a guiding light when I'm dark, a helping hand when I'm down, a fraction of map when I'm lost.

Would you choose a life of hardship?

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This is huge


Hey, thanks @emmyslot. Have a great weekend!

It is all perception. Where it maybe difficult for someone it may not be for someone else. What motivates me is I tell myself that if I know it is important enough to get done I must do it. Not matter the scarifies and challenges to complete the task it must be done because If I do not someone else will do it.


Positive message there, @mawit07!

Really puts things into perspective especially when you think about going back, and living a completely new life. Hardships shape who you are as a person. With no hardships your most likely to have a completely different view of the world than someone who experienced struggle. As with anything, moderation, the perfect amount of struggles and setbacks will make you as a person.


Glad that you can see it from a positive perspective, @shak1145.

I have chosen a life of hardships, because I feel the sense of enrichment and deeper levels of enjoyment for a good days work. But we all need to go easy on ourselves at one point or another. Great post!


Thanks, @vigilantrespawn. Just trying to keep it real, and as a reminder to myself too. Have a great weekend.

I guess everything happens in our life is to become more strong, more good. Life is beautyful , always see the full part of the Glass.


What doesn't kill us only makes us strong, eh?


I hope so

Despite the fact there has been ups and downs I would not change a thing, like you said there are no guarantees. Great thought provoking write up


Our experience defines us, eh?

Upvoted and followed mate really liked ur post cant wait for the next😄👏🏾📈


Thanks mate! These few days the posts will be around the Steemit Bootcamp I'm running for Underprivileged Kids. I leave "thought pieces" for the weekend for now. :)

Hey! If it has to do with reversing the hand of time, then I stand with you - No way! I'm not going back. There's no guarantee that the past will ever have something better for me. The past is pass and gone. All I have to face is my life today and now, and A BIG HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.

The past is pass with its bitterness, it is pass with all the disappointments. I had to write my professional examination thrice before clearing up my paper, what's the guarantee that going back I will make it once? What if going back will mean writing 6 times? I lost my dad when I was still an undergraduate. What if going back will mean not even seeing his face from birth. My past is no where I would want to go back to even with a promise of something sweeter and better.

I only anticipate for A better, brighter and glorious future. There's no guarantee of the past - no way! I need no reverse. I head on to the future always.


I love that you're looking ahead! Frankly, that's how life should be lived. It's hard to live life backwards! I will trip!

The essence of what we are today is the sum of all things past... The good things, but especially the bad things, build our character and the person we are today.

If you're happy with who you are, answer with no... if you're unhappy, answer with yes.

It all comes down to this in my opinion.


And give up a life of great stories, adventures and friends? Hell no! :)

Yeah. The 'boulder' part is on point. But like you @maverickfoo, I won't be who I am today if it wasn't for the hardships. And if life goes sailing too smoothly, I'm sure you won't sit still anyway. You'd be 'itchy backside' and still find hardships. The difference is, the latter cushions you and provides security whenever you fail.

Quality content!! :D Greetings from Petaling Jaya!! :) I like this phrase 'a guiding light when I'm dark, a helping hand when I'm down, a fraction of map when I'm lost.' You're true that going through hardships will only make us a better person :) Thanks for posting :P


PJ Boy here too!

Thanks for the compliment. Make it into a song, perhaps?

I agree with you my brother @maverikfoo. but keep it consistent for a job is not easy, especially for the unemployed. I think, unemployment is not a fate that can not be changed, but it can be changed. and I see a way out of your writing.
thank you @maverikfoo.


Thanks for the kind words and support, chief! Have a great week!

This write up so much got to me, it means to me that who ever you are and wherever you find yourself, you should always strive for the best, and dont let issues around determine who you are or will be

Donot be dismay by your present circumstances, or think if you could change time things would be better

Just be yourself and work on your positivity and life will be very good to you

Thank you for giving me a reason to sober reflect


Thanks for your honest and encouraging comment.

Yes, I think sometimes, we take things from granted, without thinking much about gratitude. It's when we see others suffer that sometimes, just sometimes, we wash ourselves with the feeling of gladness. Sad that we need to see suffering to trigger reflections. :(

But then I'm reminded, there's no guarantee that the other life - the other Maverick - won't suffer as well.

Gratitude, my friend @maverickfoo. That's the key. Life isn't just about the shit we go through, but also about the unicorns and rainbows in our life. What's happiness without sadness? ;)


Duality, brother. Such is the nature of life.

I want to say that no matter how rich or poor you are, you should stay a human and be sincere and sympathetic. That’s true when you are rich you forget how poor live- that’s why it is always worth to help poorer. And the second thing- that’s true, enrich yourself with experiences, not things.


as the saying goes, there are no rich men in heaven, neither are there poor. We leave all riches behind.



High five!

Very well written @maverickfoo thanks for expressing what many us sometimes don't communicate with others in our circle.


Stay awesome, brother!

I would choose to be born in another country, i know hardship is what made us, but it is useless if people are dying and suffering without any reason or hope for a future, my country is going to collapse this year and i dont know if it will kill me in the process, or kill a member of my family, most of my friends had flee the country, and many more are about to do it

I would choose to be born in a civilized western country, i don't care where, i just want to leave this hole and erase every bad memory i have


I feel for you brother. Stay strong.

Very interesting post.

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very interesting...