What is awareness and how to develop it?

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What lies behind the fashionable word "awareness"? 

And how can it change us?

Awareness has become a buzzword, if not a common place. All around advise to learn "to be here and now", there were books devoted to the development of these qualities in themselves. Never before has the theme of awareness was not so popular. What is happening? Why awareness, how it helps and how it affects life?

"The ability at any time to give yourself the answer to four questions: who am I? where I go? how's it going? why are you going? - that's mindfulness. If every time you doubt what you are doing, or when you feel an internal imbalance, to answer these questions — everything falls into place."

The development of awareness affects all areas - from health and success in work to mutual understanding in the family

As a result of practice increases sensitivity to yourself and any kind of relationship, a person learns to notice the important and discard unnecessary. Everything unnecessary is gone, life becomes more effective, yours, the present.

How to measure your awareness? To start to build your own scale from 1 to 10. Unit- " I act automatically, not included in the process, make the usual mechanical movements." Ten points- " I am clearly aware of myself and my way."


Practice: sleeping in separate beds.

What opens up: understanding the important criteria for a healthy sleep, the idea of the same criteria partner, awareness of the need to find a compromise between your expectations, the formation of a joint ritual that will significantly affect the quality of sleep and rest.

How to practice: answer the following questions. In which room does your partner like to fall asleep? In the cool or warm? What kind of bed does he like — hard or soft? What underwear? Smooth or soft? Book or no book? Note, in what pose you and partner fall asleep, that you need, to quickly fall asleep — - embrace or freedom? Do you / he have your own personal bedtime ritual? A common ritual? And awakening? Discuss this, determine the most important thing for you and your partner (for example, for one of you — cold air, and for the other necessarily quiet music when falling asleep), try once or make it a rule for 21 days.


Practice: within 7 days in response to internal irritation or resentment towards a person mentally send him 7 sincere compliments.

What opens: change in relationships with themselves and the world, acceptance, understanding, the skill to see a person, not an act.

How to practice: keep track of your thoughts from the category: "what a terrible skirt on her" or" what a creepy belly", not realized until now. Through the pain, work through ambiguous situation, their assessments: how not to condemn the mother, screaming in the Playground of a child? How not to condemn a colleague who violates the terms of work? An alcoholic on the subway? Rudeness in the store? How not to condemn yourself if you did not do very well or completely dishonest? Will help in practice primary awareness condemnation and then the search for sincere compliments with their evidence.


Practice: planning for the future based on your real desires and goals for the future, not past experience.

What opens up: getting rid of the fear of starting anything, awareness of the various ways for self-realization, sometimes requiring even a change of life trajectory, getting rid of the "syndrome of an excellent student".

How to practice: to agree with yourself before the start of any new project that you undertake a new activity for yourself, calling it an experiment (and not "a matter for life, which at any cost must necessarily be performed at five plus"). To say a few times that this is just an experience that you need to get, not necessarily showing a certain result.


Practice: de-digitalization (for 36 hours disable any electronic means of communication, do not use the phone, Internet and TV, to minimize communication with the outside world).

What opens up: the ability to pay attention to themselves, to shift the focus of attention from external sources to internal, to see themselves from the inside, in isolation from the usual external reactions. In place of irritability, constant discontent and struggle with self-confidence comes in themselves and in their own forces.

How to practice: turn off all possible communication channels, if possible, do not plan anything for this day, and if meetings are already planned — learn to act without the usual means of communication, relying on preliminary agreements and intuition.


Practice: identify and find orthopedic shoes that fit your feet. To carry out a thoughtful self-massage of one part of the body, you can start with the feet.

What opens up: understanding the real needs of the body is not in General, but a specific part of it, recognizing yourself "in parts" with the understanding that makes life filled with pleasant sensations, understanding that joy is in the details, and happiness is the way to it.

How to practice: when doing massage, listen to your feelings, and then describe them on paper, compare physical sensations with the habit of analyzing the mind.

 Good luck you!!)

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Nice :)

Nice post, with beautiful picture. All those exercises make sense, they just need the right amount of time to put them in practice. It has been some time since I have seen you around!


Keep in touch. I want to ask you questions about Moscow.

I need to start working on all of this, thanks for the healthful reminders :)


Need to try all in life)) Except, that can harm you!)


I try too many of the things that harm me and I am working on balance