"Be a Voice, not an Echo"

in motivation •  9 months ago

In last few weeks there's one line that is poping mine mind...

be a voice.jpg

When I came to think about it, and what that line really represents I remembered Echo from Greece mythology...

See Echo was this beautiful nimfa that lived in the mountains. Her task was to distract Hera's attention while Zeus was cheating her by flattering her and telling her how beautiful she is. One day Hera got suspicious, come down from Olimp and see Zeus making love with other nimfa's.
Hera got so mad that she cursed Echo by taking her gift of speech. Only thing Echo could do is repeat the last word someone else said.


So, when you think about it, it's very educational story...
I think that no one really wants to be an echo, everyone wants to be a voice. But, in some way during our life path, some of us become an echo.

Don't be satisfied with "echo roll" in your life, learn to speak up for yourself. I know its hard at the beginning, every beginning is hard.

Learn to love yourself and surround yourself with people that love you.

It will change your life.
I promise :)

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Very good point @mandalacode

  • Thanks for the reminder to be a voice.

I am glad you like it.