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Hello guys, it's @maduprecious, and am back again with words that could help you create the future you might possibly dream of. I need all my dreams to become reality too but I got to find out that words we speak concerning our tomorrow could actually give you a result but with respect to your declaration.

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The tongue is a powerful weapon that produces actions to the atmosphere which are words. The words you tell an individual could determine his/her reactions. Thus,we need to examine and re-examine the words that comes out from our mouth. If your words could cause a commotion, why can't it also affect your life if you speak into it negatively? If your words could bring peace and harmony to an environment, it this same way when you speak peace concerning your life, you get that results.

Don't let your words be the reason for your downfall because they are soo free. freedom to speech

In the midst of your setbacks, the words that you speak could not only determine your future but also your feelings and your feelings produces actions at that point in time. Do a practical of yourself, just speak positively in the centre of calamities, you find yourself much more bolder for any confrontations.


Discipline is the act of obtaining obedience to someone or something. So, when you totally obey to speaking to your future, it can only get better.
Speaking right is you settling for the best irrespective of what is going on around you. But the consciousness and the discipline to speak right is a major challenge.

My blog specializes in motivation, I do make post that would encourage you to act positively and do things right until I was faced with failure my self, therefore am talking from experience and am absolutely sure you have an experience too because you once had or still have a challenge. At that point,i tried speaking positively but to no avail. I cried all night not minding how I encourage others. It's not easy to smile when things go bad, talk more of to speak. It only takes discipline and consciousness that positive words is all you got

I held my self strong and went through my blog. I saw that my words were soo powerful, so I decided to key to my own post. Therefore, I am also teaching my self, we all are always and forever in the learning process.



Most times we need to hear ourselves before actions could be made. Am not saying that words will always build or create your future supernaturally without applying actions, but it could be a motivator to the right actions.
As you speak, it goes forth to your desire result to create it and manifest it. It also produces the the feelings backing your word.


You cannot speak rightly until your mind is orchestrated to a knowledge of speaking positively. The knowledge is involved, because until you know, you would forever be ignorant. The mind breeds its self into reality. The questions then is, what do you feed your mind with?

Well, I hope this was helpful. Let's begin to declare into our lives our desires by mere speaking. Believing in those words is another condition. Back your declarations with belief and see it work. You might not even know that is the words you've been planting since that has reap this future or life for you today.

its @maduprecious, celebrate your words today!

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