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Hello guys, it's @maduprecious and am back with one of my mind blowing write ups. Well this particular one would disobey a conventional pattern of life.

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We've been fond of the ideas in discovering our selves. Right from when we were young, we all had in minds what we want to actually become if been asked by our school teacher. I was so different that I had nothing in mind to become, when other children kept on saying they want to be doctors and the rest, when it came to my turn, I always reply I want to be anything(don't really know what to become)

The preaching of self discovery has been greatly emphasied without even taking note of self creation.


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Self discovery deals with finding out the real you and the factors that affect your behaviour and vice versa. It outlines the working reality of you and all that is in born of you. Millions of seminar have been held in regards of this subject matter and has got people thinking of how to even discover themselves.
If you are able to discover your self then I think this write up might not give you the optimal satisfaction you might need. It's indeed less time consuming to create yourself than to discover you, why waste so much time, create you

This write up specifically is for those who haven't discover theirs until now. Therefore, been unable to discover yourself and not even creating one would lead to a life full of real shit.
If you can't discover your self, why don't you create your self?


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Go into the oven at your will and get your self cooked up.

Don't wait to go for another seminar of how to discover yourself, why not create you. Go into that world and make waves. Self creation is a process of making you,changing you and growing you to become what you feel would suit you. In this definition, I used the word feel because you are unaware of what you want become.

Do you love acting? Create it for yourself
Do you love blogging?create it for youself

You don't have to wait to watch life take the decisions all the time for you, take it and then turn it over to your passion and zeal

It's much more beautiful seeing yourself going through the manufacturing process because it keeps you learning everyday. Mistakes would be definitely inevitable but that is where the true beauty lies.

Create that voice to sing
Create that writing skills to become a writer
...and many more


There are many passion we are positively correlating too. Thus, creating that person you want be will be an ultimate solution. There are process in actually creating yourself, it's not a day task,its over periods of time.

come out roar, season yourself, dice the vegetables, mix them together and get yourself into the pot ,getting ready to be eaten, will you come out undone?it's a process, don't be in a hurry*

    This aspect entails and demand you to show your self willing to learn. It shows a form of humility to what hits you. You don't act to be intelligent or wise if you really want to create you. Let the passion naturally come then creating it is the next move. Many people have missed their spots(alot of spots) due to "i know it all"

calm down and learn

    This is my best part. Getting yourself absolutely ready is a task but it's fulfilment lies in determination and decisions. At this point you've acquired little knowledge about that person you want to be, therefore applying that little knowledge quickly is paramount, this is the real implication of getting yourself seasoned up.

Be neutral for now, don't make it too salty

    The development process is indeed going smoothly but not as smooth as this in reality, just be determined. This aspect is mixing all you've learnt plus the extra spice(training or apprenticeship) obtained. Then go into that world of yours and start the hustle with what you've managed to obtain. This is showing that person you want to be the things you are made up of as at now, hoping to get more spice. It deals with showcasing that anticipated you, inorder for that world to recognize you and bring you forth. Don't retrain when you've acquired so much irrespective of low self esteem or discrimination(...all other factors incurred).

More determintion, less stress. It's a paradox

    This is been receptive of learning new things in that world of yours. Meeting the whales, getting advices and mentorship about that anticipated you. I call this, the "cooking stage"where everyday accumulation of better knowledge is gotten and where specialization is highly practiced. This is the longest stage because you are one blink of the eyes away to that very you, therefore full concentration is needed.

It takes rice time to be fully cooked talk more of human beings who are highly unpredictable. Take your time and utilize it efficienctly.

    you are indeed beautiful
    never taught you could be this perfect
    God bless the day you were born!

The world appreciates you henceforth


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Empowerment should start from our youthful age. After high school, we all run to the same professional universities, especially in African countries, where having a degree in basketball school is like a waste of time.

When we graduate, the pursuit of the same mathematical and medical courses even when their passion is not there become their forced motive due to the myopic minds of their society to recognize them, they end up following up, that's why we have failures in schools.

colleges of different specialization should be created, thereby obtaining B.s.c and the recognition should be highly applauded by the society.
Everyone should go into what they are good at, instead of wasting 4 years studying professional courses where they are not good or enthusiastic about, all in the name of been rendered relevant in the society.

That's is why the rate of unemployment is high in developing countries because;

We all graduate with the same course studied, in search for one job. What's the harm, if quarter of the population go for what they are really enthusiastic about. Jobs would become available to all specialties.
Hello professor, I can make your T-shirts for you, I can actually make a portrait of you, I can sing a song for you that could bring you out of depression.

Everyone becomes a helper in their different specialty

Hope this was educative.. Thank you all for your support. It's @maduprecious

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